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Project Description

Gramercy Music (Singapore)

Gramercy Music, your One Stop Music Centre for the needs of music enthusiasts worldwide.


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Gramercy Music was established in 1988, and has been growing along with their customers in the pursuit of a common passion – Music. The company was a humble music retail store selling music scores, pianos and other musical instruments. As music grew in popularity and importance over the years, many new orchestras begin to sprout while the Singapore government also provided the much needed support for music studies in schools. Recognizing this trend, Gramercy invested much effort in meeting the demands of this growing business, capitalizing on the opportunity to expand.

Their business deals extensively with violins, violas, cellos, double basses and music accessories. They establish a strong partnership with makers from China to Europe, as well as master makers of modern and classic string instruments. Gramercy also house professional makers from China and Europe to provide our customers customized repair and restoration services.


As Gramercy grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define certain core values from which we have developed through the years. These values dictate their company’s decision-making process, and also help them build a great company.

Gramercy’s ultimate mission is to create a “One Stop Music Centre” for music enthusiasts worldwide. By keeping up with the newest trends and demands, they hope to continuously create value for you.

Their distribution network is very large, and the Violin Music Academy supports their products.


The Violin Music Academy expresses their thanks and looks forward to working closely with Gramercy Music for generations to come.

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