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Project Description

Professor Quinton Morris

Quinton Morris is an innovator, a thought leader and a renowned concert violinist. He is also one of the youngest tenured professors at Seattle University and a popular TEDX presenter. He performs solo concerts, chamber music recitals, and lectures all over the world: the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Middle East. As a soloist, he has already sold out Carnegie Hall 3 consecutive times. But Dr. Morris is also an artist-entrepreneur and a product of the technology infused start up culture of Seattle.


It is this unique combination of native talent and cultural influence that has shaped his vision for a new kind of classical music experience. Surrounded by companies focused on collaboration, engagement and a direct experience with the customer, as well as his daily contact with students; Quinton Morris has constructed a tour that breaks through traditional paradigms of classical music and instead uses a “start up” mindset, and an entrepreneurial spirit to create a totally new interactive experience for today’s audience.


Quoted from Quinton’s Bio on his website:

“Dr. Quinton Morris enjoys a multifaceted career as a concert violinist, chamber musician, educator and entrepreneur.  He performs solo concerti/recitals and chamber music and presents lectures all over the world: the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.  Notable solo concerto performances are the Seattle, Thalia, Renton, Tacoma Youth and South Suburban symphonies, Orchestra Seattle and the Everett Philharmonic. (….)

Visit Quinton’s website and his Facebook page.

The Violin Music Academy wishes to thank Quinton for all his work and partnership with us, and look forward to working closely together for his world tour. We will be assisting him in his work in New Zealand, Singapore and other parts of the continent where we can provide the best help to make it a success.

Keep following us as we update on our progress!

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