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Rainbow Octave Music Keychain!

New Zealand Handmade
“Rainbow Octave Music Keychain” in a Lucky Money Bag!!! With FREE 2016 Pocket Calendar!



We are delighted to present to you our limited edition handmade “Rainbow Octave” music keychains!

In each waxed cord, consists of 8 coloured music charms. Some people see it as violins, violas, cellos, double basses, ukuleles, guitars, or other instruments!

The number 8 represents an octave in music, as well as a very lucky number in some cultures. The rainbow colours epitomises the joy and imaginations of music to the world. Finally, the golden bag looks very much like a lucky money bag, so we hope it brings you many blessings!

A very popular gift for friends, children and music students!

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